Questions + Answers

What Is Kove Yoga?

Kove Yoga is a yoga studio in Historic Downtown Hillsboro that offers a range of yoga practices that honor tradition and incorporate modern movement styles and relevant research.

Is Yoga at Kove a Cardio Workout?

Your heart rate may increase depending on your overall cardiovascular health and typical movement level. We ask that you know your limits and communitcate them to your instructor prior to classes.

What Should I Bring?

Your best intentions, yoga mat and water. Our studio provides props such as blocks, blankets and bolsters for restorative classes. You are welcome to bring in your own props from home.

How Hot Is Yoga at Kove Yoga?

We keep the temperature comfortably warm for students to relax their muscles and feel at ease in practice, around 68-72 degrees.

What Should I Wear?

Breathable, moisture-wicking clothing that you feel comfortable wearing and moving in. We suggest you avoid cotton as it holds onto moisture and restricts movement.

How Long Are Kove Yoga Classes?

Classes are 60 minutes for our weekly schedule of classes. We provide at least 30 minutes between classes to allow for a relaxing transition. Events range in length from 75 minutes to 8 hours.

Opening Hours

The studio is staffed 15 min prior to and 15 min after daily classes.


244 E Main Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123


(503) 468-7856