Our Story

2020 was a tipping point.

As things were changing inside of us, the world around us was changing, too. So much of what we’d hidden away and managed to ignore was brought to the surface. The silence created space for us to actually start to hear.

Beyond the pandemic itself, the world was provoking us to take a step back and, not only open our eyes, but also reflect on the world we wanted to create when we reemerged. Even through my own darkness of divorce and death, I saw the way the world could be. That no one is meant to journey alone. Kove was born from a long awaited dream to create a space that felt like home, and a sangha that felt like family.

Kove is a safe and welcoming space for intentional practice — daily classes, workshops, and holistic events. Kove exists so that everyone has a space to connect with themselves, with a community, and to ideas and experiences that bring us closer to our inner guide.

Kove is my offering to our community to connect and support each other through each of our own unique journeys. Join us at Kove in the heart of Downtown Hillsboro. Everyone is welcome.

Welcome to Kove. Welcome to your community.

Tara Hansen

Opening Hours

The studio is staffed 15 min prior to and 15 min after daily classes.


244 E Main Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123


(503) 468-7856